Testo 0636 2135, Thin Humidity Probe For Equilibrium Measurement

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Testo, 0636 2135, Thin Humidity Probe for Material Moisture Equilibrium Measurement Thin humidity probe with built-in electronics, incl

4 attachable Teflon protection caps for material moisture equilibrium measurement Includes Thin humidity probe 8709 4 mm with PTFE protective cap and adhesive modelling clay 4 items , including fixed cable

Additional material characteristics can be stored in testo 635-2 using ComSoft

Based on the moisture equilibrium measured, testo 635 automatically shows material moisture in in the display

Features Measurement of the material moisture via the equilibrium moisture content Slim design 8709 4 mm with remote electronics - ideal for tight measuring points

Hygroscopic materials always try to form a moisture equilibrium with the surrounding air

Ideally, moisture equilibrium is measured in a bore hole in the material

It should be protected from dirt by a Teflon cap during measurement

Material moisture calculation is available for the following materials Concrete High-insulation bricks Solid bricks Hard wood Soft wood Gas concrete Particle board Calcium sulphate floating screed Cement floating screed Lime sand brick Materials are easy to select from the menu

Materials which take in and retain or release water are described as hygroscopic materials

The bore hole is then simply sealed using sealing clay

This principle is used to measure the moisture in material by measuring moisture equilibrium

To keep the bore hole as small as possible, a thin .16 in

Using the Material user profile, the material can be accessed directly at the touch at a button

Humidity probe is used

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